Who may hire a Loss Assessor?

  • Any Householder holding any insurance policy with any insurer.
  • Any apartment Owner. Most Apartment owners have buildings cover through there management company.
  • Property Management companies.
  • Any Tenant with contents insurance and/or responsibility for Fixture & Fittings and insurance policy for same.
  • Any Person or company occupying a property with a lease agreement.
  • Any business or company.
  • Any person/Company with an insurance policy related to property or their business.


What to do if you have an insurance Claim?

  • Notify your insurance company immediately.
  • Make sure the cause of the damage is stopped as soon as possible in the case of leaks or property is secured in case of break-in or fire etc.
  • If a plumber is in attendance, get a report/receipt. If Garda are involved get a card and pulse number.
  • Procedure varies regarding claim type so call Murphy Loss Assessors Ltd A.S.A.P.


What Murphy Loss Assessors ( MLA ) Ltd will do for you?

  • What Murphy Loss Assessors ( MLA ) Ltd will do for you?
  • Make an appointment to inspect the damage a.s.a.p.
  • MLA will notify the insurance company if the insured has not done so already.
  • MLA will provide guidance to source contractors to locate and or stop leaks etc.
  • MLA will advise and guide the insured through the entire process.
  • MLA will advise businesses how to stay in operation, and best options following a loss.
  • MLA will compile the entire claim for buildings, contents, consequential loss and increased costs of working etc while avoiding the insured requiring to source quotes.
  • MLA will negotiate a settlement ensuring that the insured gets there full entitlement without the stress.

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What is a Loss Adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are there to work for the benefit of the insurance company, and will do their best to mitigate or reject the payout.

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Couldn’t I submit the claim myself?

Avoid mistakes, avoid stress and get a higher settlement! Find out more here…

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Why make a claim against your Home Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies make it very difficult and treat you as if you are doing something wrong.

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"Got us back in business within one day"

"Murphy Loss Assessors handled the whole claim from building repairs to recouping our loss of profit"

"Settled my claim very quickly"

"We did not know what to do"

"I do not think we could have ever handled either claims better or to a more financially satisfactory final conclusion ourselves."

"An extremely satisfactory result"

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Emma Murphy BA, ACII, Chartered Insurance Practitioner

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