Why do you need a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor is a qualified professional who works solely for the public in relation to any property, contents, and/or business interruption claim. As Loss Assessors we will ensure that you receive your full entitlement under your policy while minimizing your involvement, by preparing the entire claim and managing the entire process through to settlement. We act as your representative to ensure you receive your full entitlement.

The insurance company appoint a Loss Adjuster, so why do we need a Loss Assessor?

The Loss Adjuster is appointed by the insurance company to protect their own interests. It is not their role to advise you, or to prepare your claim. This Loss Adjuster will simply attempt to adjust your submitted claim. You require the independent Loss Assessors to prepare the claim, i.e. a full estimate/Bill of Quantities for the works, give advice, and negotiate the best settlement.

I can just get a builder to give an estimate, so why do I need a Loss Assessor?

Getting an estimate is only the beginning in reaching a settlement. The claim must be presented in the proper format to avoid the Loss Adjuster reducing your claim. Murphy Loss Assessors can do this. There may be many problems that only become apparent following the claim submission such as underinsurance, etc. and a professional must guide you through this. You will also avoid the trouble of sourcing multiple quotes, and having to negotiate on the basis of quotes that are often very brief and unclear. Murphy Loss Assessors are both Insurance and construction experts who are professional negotiators which proves vital for simple through to the most complex insurance claim.

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What is a Loss Adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are there to work for the benefit of the insurance company, and will do their best to mitigate or reject the payout.

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Couldn’t I submit the claim myself?

Avoid mistakes, avoid stress and get a higher settlement! Find out more here…

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Why make a claim against your Home Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies make it very difficult and treat you as if you are doing something wrong.

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