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Couldn’t I submit the claim myself?

Why hire a Loss Assessor when I could do the claim myself?

While some household claims might be straightforward, enlisting a Loss Assessor is beneficial for the majority of household claims and business loss claims.


For small business owners, a loss assessor can be the missing link between you and your insurer to guarantee your insurance claim pays out in the event where you need to make a claim.


Higher Settlement


Statistically a higher settlement is agreed when the insured hires a Public Loss Assessor rather than going at it alone. The insurance company will employ a Loss Adjuster to save insurers money. Without expert advice from an Assessor, these savings will come from your settlement.


Less Stress


Dealing with damage or loss can be very stressful. Your Loss Assessor will handle the entire claim from start to finish. Your Loss Assessor will interpreting your policy, liaising with Insurer’s Loss Adjuster, negotiating to get you the best settlement possible under your policy and ensuring you receive your funds in a timely manner.


Avoid Mistakes


Hiring a Public Loss Assessor to handle your claim can protect you against mistakes. The Loss Assessor will interpret your policy and make sure you are following your policy rules and regulations while protecting your rights as a policy holder.



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What is a Loss Adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are there to work for the benefit of the insurance company, and will do their best to mitigate or reject the payout.

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Couldn’t I submit the claim myself?

Avoid mistakes, avoid stress and get a higher settlement! Find out more here…

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Why make a claim against your Home Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies make it very difficult and treat you as if you are doing something wrong.

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Murphy Loss Assessors Ltd
13 Lower Grand Canal Street
Dublin 2.

Phone (Head Office): 01 662 1984
Phone (Northside): 01 833 8061

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Murphy Loss Assessors Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, Reg. No.C41808
Registered No: 320895